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Do you ever wonder why some people are just « naturally thin » while others seem to struggle with their weight all the time, never managing to lose those extra pounds? Is this some kind of unfair trick played on us by nature? Are we simply condemned to be thin, overweight or somewhere in between for the rest of our lives? OF COURSE NOT! Achieving and maintaining an ideal weight is within reach for everyone, but first, you need to understand the mechanics behind the weight. Learn all the ropes thanks to my book, The Secret of Weight. Find out how stay slim while eating everything you like the most thanks to my method which is based on well-known basics about food. This book revisits old ideas in a new and unique way thanks to this innovative yet easy, fun and flexible approach to weight management. Simply try it to believe it! In addition to following this method myself, it has been tried and tested for many years by my great team of participating friends. The results speak for themselves: weight issues are a thing of the past for all of us, we are free for life! So, why wait any longer? Join the club and take control thanks to The Secret of Weight!Check out The Secret of Weight smartphone app, with fun, interactive tools and references to help you follow the method right from your mobile phone or device!

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  • Format : Format Kindle
  • Taille du fichier : 838 KB
  • Nombre de pages de l’édition imprimée : 146 pages
  • Editeur : Delorme Publishing (15 mars 2016)
  • Langue : Anglais

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